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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

That's SIR Tom Jones to you, bub!

The Strib has the goods via the AP:

"LONDON — It's not unusual for Tom Jones to meet Queen Elizabeth but the knighthood was something special.

The 65-year-old Welsh singer became Sir Tom today, receiving the honor from the queen at Buckingham Palace.

The big-voiced singer was accompanied by his son, daughter and granddaughter at today's ceremony. He says receiving the knighthood is "just tremendous."

The son of a coal miner, he was born Thomas Jones Woodward. His string of hits started with "It's Not Unusual" in 1963, and includes "What's New Pussycat," "Green Green Grass of Home" and "She's a Lady," among others."

Visit Sir Tom at his homepage.

Discussion topic: what's the best Tom Jones song for karaoke?


At March 29, 2006 10:52 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Well if I can't even discuss freely on your blog...then maybe I won't even tell you which Tom Jones song is the best karaoke song, eh?

At March 29, 2006 1:00 PM, Blogger Lucas said...

Sorry Pirate but I believe you are aware of my stance on karoke. It's a very firm nyet, non, nein, nope, nada and no!

At March 31, 2006 10:01 AM, Blogger The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

Lisa, I'm sorry about the comments setting. Puh-leeez take this shameful pirate back!

For what's it's worth"'She's a Lady' always works for me.


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