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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Start smoking, or this man will glare you into humiliating submission.

Damn, you can just about smell the testosterone and barely suppressed homicidal rage emanating right off the page. This may be the ultimate "Smoking: When You Just Don't Give a Shit Anymore" advertisement.

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At December 18, 2007 3:11 PM, Blogger Troy said...

Notice his shirt pocket... that's a comb and barber's shears. Ain't nothin better than getting my hair cut by a man dangling a smoke from his lips. Actually when Nick cuts my hair she always smokes, it relaxes the both of us.

Also, a wise man once said: "I'm starting with the man in the mirror..." Get the clippers, sir, and have at.

At December 19, 2007 9:35 AM, Blogger Lucas said...

I think you've mistaken the meaning behind the glare. That's not submit or be humiliated. That's lust, baby. Pure and simple. That man wants to trim your beard if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Then you can both enjoy a flavorful Winston.

At January 03, 2008 9:37 AM, Blogger Lex Ham Rand said...

Happy New Year, Pirate!



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