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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hanks fer Nuthin'!

Ok, Lord, you want yerself some Hanks - I'm gonna give you some Hanks!

Hank #1: Hank Williams

That's right, Hank Numero Uno is the man who brought us "Move it on Over," which was later covered to great effect by George Thoroughgood. Hank was an enormously talented singer and songwriter who had the good sense to drop dead before he could suck. Dying is always a smart career move. Unless you're Len Bias.

Hank #2: Hank Williams, Jr.

Because somebody's gotta take a stand for tinted glasses, snakeskin vests, and eagles soaring proudly. Gotta problem with that?

This definitely an awesome album cover. My only question is what the hell is that vaguely futuristic device Hank is reaching for on the wall?

Hank #3: Hank Williams III

Kinda looks like an eviler version of grandpa, doesn't he? Hank III grew up to develop a taste for punk rawk as a youngin', and it shows in his particular brand of snot-nosed country. Check out his cover of Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues" if you get the chance. Actually, it looks like your chance is now:

Hank #4: Henry Rollins

My first exposure to Henry Rollins came when my friend Will and I somehow got to the Wabasha Street Northern Lights Records where we picked up Black Flag's "Family Man," based on nothing other than the fact that we'd seen Black Flag's logo in Thrasher magazine like a lot - ergo Black Flag had to be cooler than cool. To put it mildly, this album was a bit challenging. Side One was nothing but Henry's earliest attempts at spoken word, which were -- how can I put this?-- something of an acquired taste. Side Two was a whole bunch of experimental jams led by evil genius Greg Ginn.
Later, I managed to get some of Black Flag's back catalog, featuring classics like 'TV Party.' Henry Rollins, being an overall cool guy, got me interested in poetry and spoken-word performance (y'know... sissy stuff) at a time when I probably would not have otherwise gotten within 10 yards of that stuff. So, tip o' the eyepatch to you, Hank Rollins.

Special Bonus Rollins Quote: “The blues is losing someone you love and not having enough money to immerse yourself in drink.”

Hank #5: Uncle Hank


At February 28, 2008 5:28 PM, Blogger Lucas said...

Awww. Thanks for giving Uncle Hank a shout out Pirate. While he may not be the most fabmous or accomplished of all your Hanks, he's certainly the nearest and dearest to my heart!


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