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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fashion Cage Match: People Going to Prom vs. People Going to a Sci Fi Convention


Funny, I don't remember marinating myself in carrot juice before my prom night, but maybe that's how it's done in Staten Island. I'm just a humble Midwesterner, I can't keep up with those fancy New York City ways.

These people aren't Sci-Fi Conventioneers at all. This is actually a photo of my Wednesday night Presbyterian church group, circa 1988. I'm the one in costume.


Hey, check out this awesome photo I found of your mom's prom date.

Well, there's no denying that ladies do love the Skeletor look.


Well, I've never seen it before. But I guess we have to give her some points for originality for coming up with the "wrap yourself in Charmin for prom night" look. Cuh-lass-ee!

Aw crap, I hate dealing with drunken off-duty stormtroopers.


Y'know, there's nothing I find more annoying than somebody going to prom pregnant and trying to hide it. I admire this woman's frankness and candor.

Nice matching gray hoodies, guys. Way to color-coordinate.


After enjoying an intimate slow dance to REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore," this handsome couple will be field dressing and skinning an eight-point buck.

This woman on the other hand, has apparently been crapped upon by eighty foot tall eight-point buck.

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