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Monday, July 16, 2007

Uncategorizable Awesome Album Covers

I hope the monkey isn't next.

Finally, bathrooms that come to you! Seriously, I will buy a flagon of the finest grog to anybody who explain to me what this album is about.

I also would like to be buried wearing a fez and with a giant 8 ball. I'd especially like to pop up in the casket and belt out a really snazzy trumpet solo. Although, I think the facts that I'll probably be dead and that I don't know how to play the trumpet may hinder my plans somewhat. The fez is totally doable, however.

Although Joe Vento may have many moods, I'm guessing that his dominant emotion is "Awesome suit? Check. Cool hair? Check. Go-go Dancer? Ditto -- Thank God I'm Joe Vento!"

When I finally record the Greatest Rock and Roll Record Ever, I'll try to make sure the album cover does not include a photo my wearing a napkin the size of a bedsheet, mouth agape in anticipation of gnawing on a giant turkey leg.

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