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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Awesome Album Covers: Too Damn Sexy Edition

Before there was Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Flash was backed by the Frivolous Five. Somehow, they lacked street cred.

Oh, Gunther. With your 'stache and your killer aviators, what man could ever hope to compete with you?

Freddie Mercury, that's who, byotch! Step aside, Gunther, and take your Ding Dong Song with you!

Okay, I get the bodybuilders and the motorcycles -- but what's up with the dog?

Conan's got nuthin' on Superfreak the Barbarian.

I have nothing to say that won't earn me a punch from AC.

This one's just for you, Jackie Torture.

Okay, this is the second awesome cover I've found where a guy with an accordian was knocking the ladies off of their feet (see the first one here). My decision at age 14 to pick up the guitar is looking increasingly sketchy.

So, if you're ever feeling like you need to listen to an album recorded by Dutch cross-dressers with bad taste in wigs, I guess you need not look any further.

Will poor, poor Englebert Humperdinck ever find love? All I can say is: hang in there, Englebert, we're all rooting for you here at the Scooby Doo Mansion.


At August 20, 2007 10:53 AM, Blogger Latin Lupe Lu said...

Hey Pirate - I always loved that original album cover of the Tijuana Brass Band of the girl covered with whipped cream. I also wanted to share some news of the day with you - might be good for a post.


At August 22, 2007 6:23 PM, Blogger Lucas said...

Gay Porn Fantasy:
Gunther & Freddy making sweet, sweet love songs with their giant man ding dongs!
Where's the album cover for THAT pirate??


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